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Livejournal may be dead but I DON'T LET THAT BOTHER ME. Just like Chidaruma, y'all.


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28th-Oct-2012 10:03 pm - New Batch
Hey guys here's a brand new batch of icons! Credit would be quite awesome -enjoy!



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26th-Jul-2011 07:42 pm - hihihi
Sorry for the long absence, but blame photobucket!!! :C
I am glad to be back, I kinda forgot how fun lj was.
enjoy the icons! Please CREDIT IF USED, thanks <3

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4th-Mar-2011 08:45 pm - grr
Trying to upload icons, but can't because of some "network problem". Dangit, Photobucket! You are so faulty.

I have a big batch of icons waiting! Some day....
27th-Mar-2010 07:08 pm - MBLAQ + SHINee icons
CREDIT if used, please. T_T
But enjoy!


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25 SHINee
5 Super Junior
12 Skip Beat


Please CREDIT if used. please. ;A; Thankss, and enjoy.

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31st-Jan-2010 01:48 am - Huge asian icon dump


[5] BoA Kwon
[4] Brown Eyed Girls
[3] Mika Nakashima
[20] SHINee
[15] SNSD
[5] Super Junior
[5] Final Fantasy
[4] Hoshi Wa Utau
[3] Kimi ni Todoke
[4] La Corda D'oro
[3] Skip Beat
[10] Studio Ghibli


Am I doing this icon thing right? Is there an easier way than uploading them all individually? =/
*click click*

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